Kentivo is a young and dynamic company that currently operates from the Netherlands and Germany. With an interesting mix of expertise we support clients in gaining a competitive edge by leveraging information. To be able to do this, Kentivo continuously strives to have applied experience on emerging technologies in the area of data & information. 

For our clients we create and offer solutions as well as provide consultancy to give them a competive edge. The common denominator is to win with information. This requires people at Kentivo to quickly understand the details of a customers business and her ideas on gaining an edge. Our role is translating this in a valuable solution using all creativity and technology innovations needed to get the results. When working at Kentivo, this means both having an interest in the details of our clients business and in technical possibilities.

From a technology base, we realize data driven solutions with Django/Python with various analytics libraries although we are not religious about it. Solutions involve topics such as machine learning, chat-bots, text analytics and spacial analytics. We are also versed in many standard tools such as SPSS, SAS etc.

The Kentivo-team
Our team has a diverse background with technology as a common denominator. People at Kentivo have backgrounds such as MBA, Informatics, Mathematics, Communication & Marketing, Econometrics, Electric Engineering, Astronomy and Physics. Although English is our Lingua Franca, people come from various countries such as Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, South-Africa and Austria. The team applied their expertise in a wide variety of industries such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking and Business Services.


Recente vacatures:

Tech Witch/Data scientist at Kentivo

The art of blending is to leverage the best from the past with the promises of the new. It is as much a matter of skills, as of communication and creativity. At Kentivo we know SAP but also Python. We mix the traditional solutions with new enhancements. TensorFlow, SAP Leonardo, CNTK, you name it, if it makes the results better we use it. The objective is always to create a unique blend that gives our customers a real edge in their business. Data is the basis for our blends.


Reality is stranger than fiction, so better anticipate the impossible

Continuously improving the operations of innovative and new solutions is one challenge. Making it reliable and anticipating future new uses is tantalizing close to impossible. It is as much a matter of skill, curiosity and creative to stay ahead. At Kentivo, we run the operations of the solutions for our clients whether they are new A.I. driven solutions in Python on clever extension on SAP. This drives our operations to also be A.I. driven and continuously innovating to provide better, faster and more secure services based on our solutions.


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