Viqtor Davis helps you improve your business through data innovation. Technological evolution is accelerating at a bewildering pace. We are facing the most transformational times in history.

Background information

VIQTOR DAVIS was formed in 2018 when Jibes, based in the Netherlands, and Entity Group, headquartered in the UK, joined forces. The combined group focuses on helping customers with their digital transformation through the governance, management and exploitation of critical data assets. This is increasingly relevant as the pace of technology advancement continues to accelerate with the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and hyper connectivity. At the same time concerns over data privacy, information usage and job security continue to grow. Driven by the need to introduce new business models, more than ever before, data has become a board room subject.

With these profound changes, organisations are in search of an experienced services partner to work with them to get the maximum value from their data asset through data strategy, compliance and analytics. This is data craftsmanship. Jibes and Entity have come together as VIQTOR DAVIS to offer these specialist capabilities to customers in Europe, the UK and the USA. The group is backed by Waterland Private Equilty. 

Working at Viqtor Davis

Not just code but also people and processes

No two people are the same, and that also applies to careers. At VIQTOR DAVIS we want everyone to be able to develop their talents and continue to challenge themselves. We therefore recognise different roles within the organisation. We realise that your career demands cannot be predefined in a VIQTOR DAVIS vacancy. Therefore, we work differently. We do have roles but wish to determine the profile together with you.

We offer a range of different projects with new technology, from an international collaboration with software labs through to a social knowledge network.

We are true to our values and strive to sustain a positive working environment where people have a sense of purpose, commitment and feel valued.

ibes offers projects with new technology, an international collaboration with software labs and a social knowledge network. Not just code but also people and processes.


Recente vacatures:

Viqtor Davis Data Academy (per 1 oktober 2019)

Voor ambitieuze starters is er de VIQTOR DAVIS Academy: een tweejarig programma waar pas afgestudeerden worden getraind en gecoacht tot de volwaardig VQD Data Professional van de toekomst. De eerste 3 maanden ligt de focus op het verkrijgen van kennis op ons vakgebied, getraind door onze eigen ervaren professionals, om vervolgens middels training en coaching in te stromen in onze projecten.

Viqtor Davis NL B.V.
Viqtor Davis NL B.V. UTRECHT

Developer AI & Analytics

We live in a highly connected world where the amount of generated data continuously increases, and Computing power to process all of this data is growing fast. These two factors enable us to use data analytics and machine learning to achieve things previously impossible. Our clients benefit from our expertise in data analytics/science and cognitive computing/AI. In this role, you will develop and improve advanced analytics to production-grade software that is integrated in operational client processes.

Viqtor Davis NL B.V.
Viqtor Davis NL B.V. UTRECHT

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